Legal status and structure

The status, as well as general, legal, organizational and other operating principles of the Ukrainian International Business Council are defined by its Charter as of April 1, 2017 as approved by the General Meeting.

Ex gratia members of UIBC may be legal entities, which are registered and existing under the legislation of Ukraine, as well as foreign legal entities.

The supreme management body of UIBC is the General Meeting of its members. The General Meeting’s competence includes the following:

  • making strategic decisions related to UIBC activities;
  • approval of the Regulations and making amendments thereto;
  • election of the President; and
  • making decisions on number and identities of members of the Coordination Council of the Union.

The coordinating collective body of UIBC is the Coordination Council of the Union. Its competence includes:

  • agreeing on the main priorities of UIBC activities and contributing to their implementation; and
  • agreeing on programs, projects and measures implemented by or under the aegis of UIBC.

The expert collective body of UIBC is the Expert Council. Its members are leading and reputable experts in the relevant fields concerned with the programs that are implemented by the Union. Its competence includes providing and agreeing on expert conclusions, advices and assistance in activities carried out within programs and projects that are implemented by UIBC or its partners.

The managing body of UIBC is the Board of the Union, which is headed by the President and includes also Vice-Presidents and directors (chief officers) of the Union. Its competence includes:

  • approval of the main priorities and plans of UIBC activities, ensuring their implementation;
  • approval of programs, projects and measures implemented by or under the aegis of UIBC;
  • accepting new and expulsion of current members;
  • establishing and liquidation of the main (executive committees) and ad-hoc and/or subsidiary bodies (working groups, commissions); and
  • determining their structure and objectives.

The relevant executive committees are created in order to ensure accomplishment of UIBC mission.

The UIBC activities are financed by voluntary sponsorship fees, voluntary charitable aid, grants and donations made by the UIBC members and other business entities.

Board of the Union:
Senior vice-president, chief executive officer
Chief operating officer
Coordination council of the union:
Associated members of the union
Expert council
Executive committees:
Sectoral committees
Cross-sectoral committees