A country’s leader invited British business to invest to Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during an official visit to Great Britain conducted meeting with the leading representatives of business communities of country, press-service of country’s leader passes.

Poroshenko told about introduction of reforms in Ukraine during the last three years and basic results that succeeded to be attained for today. He also reported about a

start from the beginning of April, 2017 electronic open register of compensation of VAT.

A country’s leader marked that Great Britain had become one of most foreign investors in a country and invited British business to invest to Ukraine.

He underlined the successful collaboration of the Ukrainian enterprise of Antonov and British company Dowty Propellers at creation of sky truck of AN- 132D.

A president also congratulated interest of the British companies in Ukraine, in particular, international company Unilever, that opened a tea factory in Kyiv.