From January, 1 in 2016 within the framework of Agreement about an association there was open free trade Zone between Ukraine and European Union, that envisages during the nearest 10 stage-by-stage reduction or complete abolition of import duties on commodities, that are supplied to the markets Ukraine and EU.

In connection with it in Ukrainian politics and expert environment a discussion activated about that, or the Ukrainian producers will turn to advantage from the mode of free trade from EU.

The participants of discussion go out from that on the countries of European Union is close to the 30 global import of commodities, here the fate of the Ukrainian products in the general volume of import does not exceed 1І although in the Ukrainian government consider that the input of the mode of the free trading with European Union will give an opportunity to Ukraine annually to grow an export in the countries of EU on 2-3а to increase GDP on 0,7-0,9 but to some experts these prognoses seem too optimistic.

The point is that European Union yet to November in 2014, after signing of Agreement about an association, in the one-sided order abolished custom collections for the most Ukrainian commodities and actually put in an operation for many sectors of home economy.

Will remind, with beginning of action of the mode of autonomous trade on 80 products of agrarian and food products and 90ромислових commodities that set forth for the countries of EU, zero duties(to pay an import duty an exporter would force only at exceeding of the set quotas) were set. After other positions a middle custom tariff was mionectic from 7,6 to 0,5

Due to it on results 2014 the Ukrainian export in the countries of EU grew on 7 general reduction on 14З, on the 58,4 volume of supplying with fats and oil(oils) of animal or vegetable origin, on 21,8 woods and wares from wood, on 10,6 electric machines, on 5,5 mechanical machines, on 5 grain-crops.

However, in 2015, from data wired for sound by the minister of economic development and trade of A. Abromavichuch and leader of trade and economic department of representative office of ЄС in Ukraine of  N. Burdem, brought falling of volume of export of the Ukrainian commodities to ЄС more, than on 30

As a deputy of leader MERC N. Nikolsk marks, a negative dynamics in the field of it is explained by the decline of world prices on raw material that equally with ready-to-cook foods is the principal item of the Ukrainian export.

Thus, reduction of the Ukrainian export was largely defined by his structure raw material prevails in raw material products.